I was born in Denmark on a sunny day in June 1968.

My first memories include paintings, music, colors and other creative things. 

I have succeeded to be a semi professional singer for many years and I am a self-taught artist, but I have during my life completed several art classes. I couldn’t decide, should I be a painter, singer or work with ceramic etc.?

It is very important for me to work with many different creative things. But paintings have always been my favorite occupation and I have during the last 20 years exposed my paintings and ceramics work. 

I am a very expressive and positive person. I have during the last 25 years been living with chronic pain and promised my self to focus on the lovely and positive things in life. That’s why my paintings are very colorful and happy, some people would say naive. That’s ok for me. Better naive and positive, than negative and sad. My goal with the paintings, are primary to give the observer the feeling of serenity and notice happy bubbles deep down in their stomach.

Hope to develop my artwork many years from now. I am busy looking for new experiences and challenges, but always with a positive point of view.


The Opera House, Copenhagen, Denmark

Gallerie Carsten Vammen, Skagen, Denmark 

Hotel Stern, Frankfurt, Germany

Harbour Gallery, Dragør, Denmark

Sønderborg Hospital, Art Union, Denmark

Gallerie Zebraf, Aalborg, Denmark

Center for Custom and Duty, Malmö, Sweden

Kommandørgården, Romo, National Museum, Denmark 

Restaurant Kanalen, Christianshavn, Denmark

AMU-center, Art Union, Hillerød, Denmark

Accommodation Mass, Kolding, Denmark

Gallerie Art Collection, Skagen, Denmark

Alfa Laval, Art Union, Rødovre, Denmark

Benediktehjemmet, Fredensborg, Denmark

Library, Art Union, Ballerup, Denmark

Library, Art Union, Copenhagen, Denmark

Library, Art Union, Valby, Denmark

Library, Art Union, Skagen, Denmark

School of art, Skagen, Denmark

Grand Hotel, Skagen, Denmark

Ruth’s Hotel, Skagen, Denmark

I have also exposed my paintings and ceramics in several Art Unions and firms in Denmark and Sweden during the last 20 years.

Phone: +45 4077 6767




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Hvad koster figuren:The World in my hand, standing on the edge. What to do?

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Tusinde tak❤️❤️❤️

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Hej Lea
Dejlig side - og fortsat god kreativ energi

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Hej skønne Lea
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